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The National Youth Council is made up of one voting member from each Provincial Territorial Organization of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, three steering committee members, and a National Youth Representative who is a member of the CAP Board of Directors and thus has a say in the governance of the organization.

In 2001, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples recognized the need to include a National Youth Representative as a voting member of the Board of Directors to bring forward issues and concerns of the youth constituents.  Further, in 2002 CAP recognized the need for a National Youth Council to act as an Advisory body to the NYR.  Delegates at the 2002 Annual General Assembly voted unanimously to accept and recognize the CAP National Youth Council as an official structure within the organization, which is supported by a CAP staff liaison.


Mission Statement 

To represent promote, advocate, empower, protect and educate Off-Reserve Indigenous youth, from across Canada; and further, to encourage unity and the growth of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of oneself, family and community.

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​​What does your CAP National Youth Council do?

  • Provide youth input and feedback on policy and program design for Off-Reserve Indigenous youth; 

  • Attend workshops, conferences and meetings bringing forth provincial/territorial perspectives on  Off-Reserve Indigenous youth issues; 

  • Provide representation and a voice for Off-Reserve Indigenous youth in the community; 

  • Share information, opinions and initiatives with Off-Reserve Indigenous youth in each region; 

  • Take opportunities to learn more about off-reserve Indigenous issues and solutions across Canada by getting out there and talking with youth in their communities;    

  • Build relationships by creating partnerships with schools, municipalities, elders’ groups, community organizations etc.;  

  • Encourage youth empowerment and advocacy by being role models and sharing their stories of success;   

  • Participate in the creation of resource materials for Off Reserve Indigenous youth, that will enhance their well-being and enable participation in the Canadian economy and policy development; and  

  • Take an active role at the Annual General Assembly by providing youth input, feedback and participating in discussing youth issues 

Meet Your National Youth Council

Bradley Cooper

National Youth Representative

Charlottetown, PE

My status is Mi'kmaq and I'm working as digital archives coordinator. I've been a member of the NYC for over 10 years. My technical background is in website development but I'm not a huge social media person

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